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Is it Japanese April Fool's Day or something?

 Morning Musume has already announced 10th Gen auditions. So, uh... yay? I mean, we need new people, obviously. They let it go way, WAY too long betweeen auditions for 8 and 9 but this just seems so fast. Who are they even going to find that they didn't reject last time around? I know this is how they used to do it all the time, but I joined the fandom RIGHT after the 8th Gen auditions so this is totally weirding me out.

I just got a Tumblr, and the site's already crashy and stuff so I haven't done anything with it. Which reminds me - uh, what exactly do you DO with a Tumblr? Tumble? Can you do that on the internet? Does anybody else have one?
Yossie is an Angel

WHAT THE HELLo! Project?

Okay, so Morning Musume's got another single coming up... eventually. I don't know when, exactly. It's called "Only You," which, minus some capitalization, is the same title as this completely awesome zoku v-u-den song. I would totally die of joy if the Morning Musume single were actually a cover of the zoku v-u-den song, since it's my favorite H!P song of the past couple years. I'm sure I'll be disappointed because, let's face it, disappointment is what Hello! Project does best. I'm prepared for that. I was not, however, prepared for this:
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You can see a bigger picture of the costume here but Reina's wearing it so it doesn't look as good. Still cute, though.

They're shooting the video right now, and that's the costume I guess all the members are wearing. That's it. No cowboy hat. No second costume sewed onto the side. I can't see their feet, so I suppose it's possible they're wearing some ridiculous red boots. But that's it! The costume doesn't even look like it cannibalized another costume and then vomited it back up all over itself.

They're legit pretty. And I can say that without adding an "except for" to the sentence.

I don't know how to handle this.
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Shipping Meme!

  Six ships I'm into right now:
01. Wes/Faith (BtVS/AtS)
02. John/Matt (Die Hard 4)
03. Uther/Merlin (Merlin)
04. Pansy/Neville (HP)
05. Doyle/Cordelia (AtS)
06. Marti/Savannah (Hellcats)

  Three ships I used to like but don't anymore:
07. Sheldon/Penny (TBBT)
08. Morgan/Reid (CM)
09. Puck/Kurt (Glee)

  Four ships I never liked:
10. Buffy/Spike (BtVS)
11. Cordelia/Angel (AtS)
12. Leonard/Penny (TBBT)
13. Fred/Wes (AtS)

  Two ships I'm curious about but don't actually ship:
14. Barney/Robin (HIMYM)
15. Penny/Amy (TBBT)

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Five things, in order of importance.

1. I suck at updating on anything resembling a regular basis.

2. If I were ten years younger, having this opinion might be justified but I'm not so it isn't: Pretty Little Liars is the best show on television right now.

3. Speaking of which, I don't even know if Hellcats or Nikita are back from hiatus yet. I'm not entirely sure I care. I've stopped watching most TV because, ironically enough, it takes too much effort. Of course, I'm the person who had to make charts to help me keep track of what was on and when because I was watching so much TV this fall, so maybe now I'm just watching a normal amount.

4. Riley Finn was a nice guy who behaved in a perfectly reasonable manner and I don't hate him.

5. My sister had her baby. She named him Xavier and he looks exactly like her, so he's got two strikes against him already.
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Bye Ai

I'm shocked that I'm shocked, is the thing.

So, this is how I'm guessing this year's going to go:

Mid-February we'll get a five member single.
In May or June, we're getting our first single with the new members.
In August, another 9-nin single.
And in November? Yes, another 9-nin single. That's how it worked with both Koha and JunLinEri.

We won't really be loveless until 2012. Does anyone else think that maybe this is what the Mayans were predicting?

Show Killer strikes again!

Of the zillion shows I started out watching this year, three have been cancelled and two are in danger of it. Two of the cancelled ones, My Generation and Running Wilde, were total shit and I stopped watching them after two episodes. The third is Undercovers. This was going to be My Show, full of action, exotic locations and completely freaking gorgeous stars. I'm not actually all that upset about its cancellation. Why? Well, I kind of feel compelled to compare it to Hellcats, as strange as that seems. When the season started, I was begging people to watch Undercovers but had a really tough time recommending Hellcats even when people asked about it and seemed interested. Now I barely pay attention while Undercovers is on and I consider Hellcats to be the second-best new show of the season. So what happened? I guess the problem is that Undercovers feels like the same show every week. The characters are pretty and occasionally funny, but they have no inner lives. I get the impression that I could watch five more seasons of this show and nothing would change. Hellcats, on the other hand, has really come into its own. Given the premise, it could have been a campy piece of crap and nobody would have cared or expected any better of it. When I started watching, I expected the characters to be crudely-drawn stereotypes and the plots to fall into strict formula. That didn't happen. All the characters are treated like fully-formed human beings with their own motivations and goals who grow and change from week to week. I can understand them and why they do what they do - "bad guys" included. If you had told me, after the first episodes of each, that Undercovers would get axed while Hellcats stuck around for another season, I would have been totally livid. Now it makes sense.

The Event is one of those on the bubble, and I really can't bring myself to care. The only one I'd genuinely miss is Terriers, which is the best show I'm watching and possibly even the best on TV right now. I'm not an emotional person, but a couple weeks ago, a couple's break-up on Terriers had me crying before the opening credits. And not in a shippery, "they belong together" sort of way, but because the writing and acting are so good that the pain/despair of it all was overwhelming. The season(series?) finale is this week, but I'm sure you can find episodes online somewhere and you totally should. You'd be doing yourself a favor.
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The Girl Scouts are plotting to overthrow the government.

So a couple of weeks ago, the house across the street and one to the left of me started flying a flag I didn't recognize and there were tons of cars coming and going all the time, even late into the night. Naturally, I assumed they had joined some sort of militia group. As it turns out, it was a Marine Corps flag and their son had just gotten back from training or deployment or something and people were coming to visit him. Whatever. Honest mistake. Anyway, now I'm pretty sure that the house across the street and one to the right is a marijuana grow house. Nobody lives there or takes care of the yard, but someone definitely owns the house and occasionally I'll go out in the middle of the night and there will be lights on and several cars in the driveway. This is definitely more sound than my militia theory, but I don't know how to confirm it. Do you think they'd tell me the truth if I asked?

The house directly across the street belongs to a Sunday School teacher but, aside from that, I don't think she's up to anything suspicious.

I got about 90% of the way done with my tamingthemuse fic before time ran out. I'm going to finish it, though. I always seem to procrastinate until I have an excuse to not finish things, and that's what I need to work on more than anything. But I'm not sure if I'm doing next week's prompt. There are a lot of other things I wanted to finish. Knowing me, however, that's probably just an excuse.
Rachel Agrees

Writer's Block: Vote early, vote often

Do you vote for a candidate based on issues or do you do you follow the party line, and why?
This year I happened to vote along party lines, but that was a coincidence.

Campaign season makes me so fucking bitter and angry. I hate anyone and everyone running for political office, no matter who they are or what they believe in. My good will toward humanity is just shot.

The lady at the polling place refused to let me change party affiliation or even tell me if they could do that there. We just went in an endless circle of, "But you don't have to do that for this election. That's only for primaries." "I realize that, but I'm here now and I want to. Independents can't vote in primaries in this state anyway, so why would I come back just to change affiliation and leave?" "But you don't have to do that for this election." "But I'm here now and I want to." "But you don't have to." "But I want to." "But you don't have to." "BUT I WANT TO!" "But you don't have to." It's almost like she wanted me to punch her. I didn't, but I would have been justified.
Cordy & Doyle

Writer's Block: How old is too old?

Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?
Of course candy is for everyone. Free candy, however, is not.

So, anyway, there have been two things I've been meaning to do: 1) Start writing something for tamingthemuse every week, because I want to practice writing more and do it more often. I'm terribly lazy and procrastinate all the time. I've got a whole list of stuff I want to write, some of it almost done, and I just never finish anything. In fact, I got an AO3 account, mostly so I can bookmark stuff, but I also intended to post fic I've written there too. I just wanted to edit the stuff a little first. A week later? I haven't edited squat. Also, 2) I wanted to write a series of fics about Doyle, who's my favorite Buffyverse character ever but who was only in 9 episodes of Angel and therefore has a lot of unexplored stuff I want to explore. I even have all the titles already, because I'm a weirdo and decided I was going to name everything after Harvey Danger songs.

This week's tamingthemuse prompt? Demons. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

I'm also working on a Doyle picspam. This counts as maybe a little obsessed, but whatever. I got my Angel DVDs in the mail, called them a Christmas present, and decided I get to be a little obsessed for a while. It makes me happy. I didn't cap any of the episodes myself, though. If you weren't paying attention earlier, I am lazy. And while I'm sorting through pictures anyway, I decided I might as well go ahead and make icons. But really, that's just a smart time-saver. If I went back and sorted through nine episodes of screencaps again later on, that would be overboard.

Also, my mom is flipping out because a family friend of ours won't RSVP to my sister's baby shower even though when her daughter had one (across the ocean) she flat-out told my mother what to buy her and when. Rude, yeah, but it's not like it's unexpected. She's been this way for years. But my mom's wasting way too much time and energy on this (and this is the point in the post where I'd like to ask you to forget the aforementioned Doyle-a-thon, because at least that's a cheerful waste of time) and she's annoying the hell out of me about it. Would it be out of line to call the other woman up and talk to her about it? It really feels like getting in the middle of something that's none of my business, especially since I'm not going either, but I'm tired of hearing about it.