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Casting Cinderella

I love musicals more than any other kind of entertainment, so I'm very excited about Hello! Project's upcoming production of Cinderella. Right now, we don't know who has been cast in which roles yet, so I'm going to flex my psychic muscles and make my predictions.

As far as we know, this will be a joint project with Morning Musume and Takarazuka. The poster doesn't seem to indicate that any other H!P members will be joining them, so for my first cast list I'm sticking strictly to Morning Musume. There are nine members and nine roles in (the U.S. version of) the play, so that makes things easy for me. I've put asterisks next to the roles I think Takarazuka members may fill. Of course, I don't think they'll fill all the roles I've noted here and they might bring in outside actors/actresses like they did before.

Cinderella: Takahashi Ai
I'm torn on this. On one hand, I think she's the best choice for the role. On the other hand, she did get the lead in Ribon no Kishi and they'll probably want to give someone else a shot.

Prince: Junjun*

Stepmother: Niigaki Risa*
I put her here right away, but now I can't explain why. Psychic vision? Clearly.

Stepsister, Joy: Kusumi Koharu
I know they're going to want to push her as close to the front as they can, but this is as far as they can safely go and I think Tsunku knows that.

Stepsister, Portia: Tanaka Reina
Another Risa-like immediate impulse. I think she and Koharu would go well together.

King: Linlin*

Queen: Michishige Sayumi*
If Whoopi Goldberg can do it, so can you, Sayu.

Fairy Godmother: Kamei Eri*
If Ai isn't Cinderella, it will likely be Eri or Risa.

Steward, Lionel: Mitsui Aika*

And for psychic bonus points, the Takarazuka members on the poster will play the following roles: The first woman will be the Fairy Godmother, the second will be the Queen, the third the King and the fourth will be the Wicked Stepmother. The Prince will be a male actor. If it's not just Morning Musume (as the poster indicates) and the rest of H!P gets involved, my predictions are void and it doesn't count against my psychic abilities. Just for fun, here's my ideal cast:
Cinderella: Matsuura Aya
understudy: Yajima Maimi
Prince: Yoshizawa Hitomi
understudy: Murata Megumi
Fairy Godmother: Natsumi Abe
understudy: Maeda Yuki
Stepmother: Nakazawa Yuko
understudy: Fujimoto Miki
Stepsister, Joy: Ishikawa Rika
understudy: Okada Yui
Stepsister, Portia: Yaguchi Mari
understudy: Shibata Ayumi
Queen: Ayaka
understudy: Saito Hitomi
King: Sadota Mai
understudy: Yasuda Kei
Steward, Lionel: Miyoshi Erika
understudy: Tokunaga Chinami
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