you speak lies

9 May 1985

you speak lies

Hello! My name is Becca. I'm 24 years old and the ultimate fence-sitter - bisexual, agnostic and a political independent. I'm a phone psychic who likes to make wild predictions on occasion, but any jokes about my "psychic powers" should be mostly ignored because they are just jokes. Don't expect any of those predictions to come true. Unless, of course, they do come true, in which case it's just proof that I really am psychic.

I'm not especially chatty, but that doesn't mean I'm not around so feel free to add me if you'd like. When I do feel the urge to talk, it's usually about J-Pop and Hello! Project in particular. My other fandoms are Criminal Minds, Glee, Harry Potter, Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, most Broadway musicals... and lots of other things. I do get pretty into things that I don't necessarily consider my fandoms, like Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, etc. I write fanfic and make icons sometimes, but I usually don't finish either one so I haven't posted anything of the sort since I started this journal. That may or may not change.

★☆♫ [Yoshizawa Hitomi]

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